Monday, 3 December 2012

Tiger Woods News and the Media World

Well, if not, here it is. Back in late November of 2009, Tiger Woods was injured in a one-car accident outside of his home, near the Orlando, Florida area during the very early hours of the morning. Early reports suggested that Woods crashed into a tree, just yards from his driveway and that wife Elin had smashed a window open with a golf club to get to him. The mainstream and regional media outlets went crazy with running this story all day long, as it soon became worldwide news that the greatest golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, had been in a car accident. My initial thoughts were, "Oh, my God! I hope Tiger is okay," but then as the story unfolded, it seemed odd that Elin would smash his window open with a golf club to get to him. I then began to think, there is more to this story, they probably got into a very serious argument and she just lost it, chased him out of the house with a golf club, and then as Woods began to drive away, Elin smashed in his car window with the golf club, most likely assisting in causing the accident involving Tiger.

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